Anonymous asked: i totally understand how you feel. Ever since this whole thing started i've been so sad but i act like i don't care and i'm happy. I'm so depressed deep down and i think about poor jessica 24/7. I just never thought that a 7 yr bond could be broken just like that. I cant even get myself to listen to snsd anymore coz it completely upsets me when i hear jessica's voice. I'm worried that i will be this sad for a very long time. I just wish that none of this ever happened. And that soshibond is real

you, me and millions of others are feeling like this. don’t worry but the girls feel the exact same way we feel now. just stay strong and happy bc they have played a big part in our lives but there is more to life. we’re just another batch of fans who’s going through dumb ass shit. 

Anonymous asked: no offense but are you hating on Taeyeon right now?


tiffany’s brother is liking shit omg

sm really could have let jessica go to new york while everyone does their own thing rather it be acting, singing, whatever. but when times come they all come together and record an album, single, mv, perform and after they go back to doing their own thing. it’s not like they do a lot of promo in korea or japan and flop.

monday, tuesday, i’ll be there
wednesday, thursday, loving you more
friday, saturday, sunday, i will love you more and more

everyday you’re in my heart…

Anonymous asked: You and your clique (hyolights, slayoung, taecutie etc) got me rolling with your text posts. Tbh you guys are getting me through this. When I'm sad I look at all you and Maurice's page and I start dieing. I love you guys too much. And they all get so many notes

notes don’t matter. what matters is that we are all safe, happy and getting through this. i’m looking at this as an experience to grow from. i’m happy we make you happy! 

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it’s 11:35 and i have an essay due tomorrow….

i’m just starting…..

i have four essay outlines for history due tomorrow, and i also am just starting.

we’re in this awful boat together

red velvet and other sm trainees probably rn like